Web Development

Bring value to your business by building web applications using modern technologies that ensure performance and scalability. Reach every corner of the world by creating user-engaging experiences. Make use of cloud computing capabilities for efficient and secure solution delivery. uninterrupted is a company specialized in end-to-end web application development. Our expertise spans from front-end and back-end solutions to automated, efficient, and secure deployment. We build cloud-native, cloud-based, or cloud-enabled applications to fulfill our customers' business goals.

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UX/UI Design

Identifying and solving user problems with intuitive interfaces

Architecture and Design

Creating software architectures using best practices and technologies


Applying modern practices to automate incremental changes


Understanding and evolving to adapt to a dynamic business environment

Quality Assurance

Ensuring that the results are predictive and aligned with requirements

Knowledge Management

Efficient software development by reusing and sharing experiences

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We design digital products and experiences that drive real business value and customer impact so you can create innovative products faster and at scale.

As your trusted partner, we measure our success based on your results. Our experience building our own products helps you shorten the time to market and launch with the main functionalities working.

Understanding the requirements
Solution design and development
Testing and delivery
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Unleash the value of your existing technology by re-architecting it for the future. We help you modernize platforms and applications for high performance, better user experience, scale and security.

We leverage the latest technologies, tools and frameworks for collaboration to meet the growing demands of your customers and to reach across geographies, time zones and functions.

Design for usability and scale
Re-architecting and refactoring
Secure and battle tested solutions
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Automate manual business processes and optimize the customer experience for better efficiency and engagement. We implement intelligent platforms and solutions that drive productivity.

Developing a digital experience or product from end to end requires input and expertise from a variety of roles. Our multidisciplinary teams work hand in hand to deliver technology that moves your business goals forward.

Business processes automation
Operational efficiency
Customer oriented approach
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Extend your development teams with a high-performance partner. We help you accelerate your digital journey through faster software development to outpace the competition.

Our developers become an integral part of your team during the entire project. We carefully select team members based on the requirements and expertise needed.

Web/Mobile Development
UX/UI Design
Test Automation
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We propose a software development process based on industry best practices and experience. It enables our teams to deliver projects of extraordinary quality.



We help you define your product goals, identify business outcomes, and prioritize a rollout plan of product features that meet the targets.



Our UX/UI design team creates WOW experience. By applying best practices we will attract, engage and retain your users.



Implementing your products on top of a robust architecture with recent technology stack in a cost-effective way.



Hitting tight deadlines are no longer your concern. By introducing automation in software development, results are accurate, consistent and on time.



You launch a modern, custom software application that exceeds your initial vision and business goals.



We're always here to help you. We provide support and development solutions to ensure your business is up and running 24/7.