DevOps as a Service

Redefine your software delivery lifecycle and strengthen collaboration between your teams with our comprehensive set of DevOps services. The DaaS helps to ensure that the organization achieves desired outcomes and successfully follows strategies such as continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) to provide business value.

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DevOps infinity symbol presenting agile software development life cycle


Introducing insights into the system's health and behavior


Ensuring consistency across recurrent tasks automated without intervention


Streamlining process by providing resources needed at high velocity


Adopting the nature of containers to eliminate complexity of dependencies


Safeguarding the product by applying security first approach


Accommodating cloud services to provide scalable and resilient solutions

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Collaboration with the customers to understand the problem to be solved in the area of development operations (DevOps), optimization and cost effectiveness.

Transition phase is mandatory to make you into the DaaS. System architecture, applications and microservices are containerized, infrastructure prepared and all is managed as clusters along with monitoring and real-time alerting.

Understanding the requirements
Developing a change concept
Carrying out the change process
DevOps Engineer presenting designed transition process

Task development

Your business is changing to keep up with the market and so is your product. Select a package that works best for you.

All activities and services related with ongoing requirements, change requests or security concern. DevOps very often use open source software whose dynamics is very high at the same time it requires updates or upgrades.

Architecture and software development
Team with particular competences
Work based on Agile methodology
Code of an application displayed on a computer screen with syntax highlighting


All activities following system deployment to various environments (development, testing, staging, production), monitoring and real-time alerting.

Services are available with several Service-Level Agreements that may be applied based on the business risk level.

24/7, business hours, ad-hoc, etc.
Taking care of the entrusted system
System observation and alerting
Monitoring and alerting dashboard

Development & support

Are your requirements clear? Do you need flexibility when you can't anticipate the future? Choose the package which works best for you.

On Demand

Basic set of solutions:

  • Cloud/DevOps/CI/CD
  • Cluster management
  • IaaC
  • No Iterations & No Task SLA


Everything from “On Demand”, plus:

  • Monthly sprints
  • Tasks transparency
  • Daily communication
  • Weekly reporting
  • 1 Engineer assigned


Everything from “Business”, plus:

  • Bi-weekly sprints
  • Daily meetings
  • Monthly summary
  • 2 Engineers assigned
  • 1 PPO assigned
* 1-week SLA for sizing the task, 2 week SLA to begin the development ** 1-business-day SLA to start the development

Monitoring & alerting

Services are available with several Service-Level Agreements that may be applied based on the business risk level.

On Demand

Green house non-prod:

  • Alerting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Incident solving
  • Engineering pool


Everything from “On Demand”, plus:

  • On-call
  • Monthly reporting
  • min. 2 Engineers assigned


Everything from “Business”, plus:

  • min. 4 Engineers assigned
* No pre-defined response time guarantee ** 1 or 2 Hour SLA, on-prem infrastructure pricing will be different *** 1-Hour SLA including vacation days and weekends, on-prem infrastructure pricing will be different