Secure Remote Management for Smart City Lighting

Secure Remote Management for Smart City Lighting

Is your smart city lighting system missing remote control capabilities? Our solution utilizes AWS services and the TALQ protocol to provide resilient, secure connectivity and remote management, improving overall performance and security.

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Provide remote connectivity for smart city lighting.


AWS IoT, DynamoDB, Serverless, Amazon MQ, CloudWatch, Terraform, GitLab Pipelines


Seamless, secure remote control in 4 months.

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The project aimed to enhance the connectivity of IoT devices in smart city lighting, enabling remote management and control using the TALQ protocol. Existing devices could connect via the internet but lacked comprehensive remote management capabilities.

By leveraging the MQTT protocol for efficient communication and AWS IoT for device connectivity, we ensured secure and reliable control. AWS DynamoDB stored device states and firmware versions, while the API Gateway managed HTTP traffic through the TALQ protocol. A serverless architecture facilitated business logic, with CloudFront ensuring swift content delivery and RabbitMQ handling server-side tasks asynchronously. Emphasizing security, CloudWatch monitored services, and Terraform automated infrastructure creation, providing a resilient and cost-effective solution.


Improved operational efficiency


High-level data security


Reduced operational costs


Easily scalable architecture


Robust, reliable infrastructure


Automated infrastructure deployment

Find a consistent approach to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application. Select the best suited solution for your needs while still retaining your flexibility.

Public Cloud

The whole computing infrastructure and all resources are managed and owned by the cloud provider and the resources are shared with other organizations and cloud tenants.

Private Cloud

In this cloud model resources and infrastructure are kept on a private network, ensuring your organization higher levels of security and privacy standards.

Hybrid Cloud

This option considers adopting both private and public clouds. For example, certain files can be made public and others hosted on your own servers.

Which Projects Can Benefit from IoT Connectivity?

Smart Lighting

Struggling with managing city lighting systems remotely? Cloud solutions can provide seamless, secure, and cost-effective remote control, ensuring efficient operations and maintenance.

IoT Connectivity

Need to enhance IoT device connectivity and management? AWS-based architecture offers robust and scalable solutions, improving device communication and control.

Security Concerns

Concerned about the security of IoT communications? Our solution prioritizes high-level security for data in transit and at rest, protecting your infrastructure from cyber threats.

Cost Reduction

Looking to reduce the operational costs of smart city projects? Our cost-effective solution leverages cloud services to minimize expenses while maximizing performance and reliability.