UX Designer prototyping visual components

Product Design

A good product that meets both business and user requirements is essential. We offer professional help in implementing your ideas by validating them during tests, concurrently maintaining the highest possible usability and aesthetic value, regardless of the platform.

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Preparing the design, documentation and conducting tests for a social tool used internally within the company.


UCD approach, corridor tests, focus groups, 1:1 tests, low and high fidelity interactive mockups.


Design, documentation and assets for MVP prepared and handed over to implementation in 5 months.

The design process placed user at the center
while meeting business requirements as well
as technological and time constraints.

A team of designers was tasked with building a tool from scratch that would enable sharing knowledge and experience within the company. Information and its flow were at the heart of this project, but the functions related to evaluation, arranging meetings between employees and their superiors, as well as the ability to analyze the performance and progress of individual project teams were also very important. The challenge was even more difficult as it had to provide for the integration and expansion of the whole with a kind of store where users would be able to exchange the points they receive as part of the gratification for actual items or vouchers.
The whole thing had to be prepared so that it was friendly
and the solution could be scaled in the future also outside companies in the IT area.

The first step was to collect the requirements, analyze the market and compare this information with technological, time and budget constraints. The product was prepared with both desktop and mobile devices in mind - the user interface had
to be responsive. For a sufficiently high usability, the visual aspect is also very important. The developed user interface had to be aesthetic and its legibility ensured by an appropriate combination of typography and the selection
of colors and contrasts. All with care for the brand and visual language of the client. Therefore, it was important to understand the visual language of the client so that the new product would fit into its aesthetics, ensuring consistency
with its portfolio.

One of the voting results is presented during the ideation process
Different versions of a design prototype are presented for comparison
UX Designer is drawing set of wireframes

The tests at every design stage played an extremely important role. The result was both UX and UI that were understandable and fun to use for end-users.

Product usability and availability were paramount throughout the entire design process. However, the whole project also had to achieve the assumed business goals (later scaling the solution to other industries and integration with the internal store with predefined items). After developing low-level mockups - simple, internal corridor tests were carried out with people unrelated to the project. Following corrections based on the comments received, the design team prepared a high fidelity interactive mockup with UI, which was tested on selected focus groups as well as in 1:1 tests.

The test results were described and then discussed both within the team and presented to the client. On the basis of this discussion, priorities for subsequent UX improvements were established. When the next iteration met the business requirements, while providing a high level of user experience,
it was possible to prepare project documentation and files
for the developers.

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