Data Scientist working with analytical and statistical data

Business process

We enter the era of digitalization and many processes are ready to be automated by technology. Users may complete day-to-day tasks with high speed, accuracy and focus on security. The faster, higher, stronger motto has also spread to business now.

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UX/UI design, architecture, deployment, and maintenance of SaaS products supporting the banking sector.


JavaScript, TypeScript, React, AWS, Serverless, Sketch, Zeplin.


Product delivered after 9 months of close cooperation with the customer.

The team worked as one scrum team including customer representatives. The first phase was aimed at requirements elicitation to understand the idea and select the right tools
for the job. The software was designed as a serverless cloud computing execution model. The frontend side was implemented as a responsive web application targeting various screens and browsers. The software goal was to digitalize the business process while introducing automation
of tasks including intelligence to validate user inputs and minimize vulnerability to errors. The design was based on a selected UI components library, which was adjusted and styled to satisfy requirements.

Identity and access management was on AWS Cognito service to properly handle roles and permissions. The application data model was designed to efficiently use the capabilities of the DynamoDB database. Two-way interactive communication channels between client and server were based on HTTP protocol and REST API and WebSocket respectively. The application utilized an object storage service for any artifact exchange between application users. This enabled scalability, availability, security, and performance.

Scrum team is analyzing system requirements
Product Owner discussing with Team Leader planned functionality


Eliminate cyber threats by applying cloud applications best practices


Increase or decrease resources needed to meet fluctuating demand


Select the right tool for the job without unnecessary burden and difficulties


Shorten the time needed to deploy new infrastructure or application

Cost savings

Stay competitive by paying for the resources you really need


Empower seamless and secure working model across the teams

Find a consistent approach to provision, secure, connect, and run any infrastructure for any application. Select the best suited solution for your needs while still retaining your flexibility.

Public Cloud

The whole computing infrastructure and all resources are managed and owned by the cloud provider and the resources are shared with other organizations and cloud tenants.

Private Cloud

In this cloud model resources and infrastructure are kept on a private network, ensuring your organization higher levels of security and privacy standards.

Hybrid Cloud

This option considers adopting both private and public clouds. For example, certain files can be made public and others hosted on your own servers.

Which projects need cloud development?


A business model in which software is licensed and delivered is known as software as a service. SaaS (software as a service) is essentially on-demand software for end customers. It is a means to get free from complex software and hardware management.


Backend as a Service (BaaS) is a cloud computing strategy that serves as a backend for apps (mostly mobile). They give an API and tools for integrating with their backend in several computer languages. They also include storage, analytics, push alerts, dashboards, and social integration.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows users to access computer resources in a virtualized environment. IaaS subscribers will essentially obtain virtual servers that they will control. Focus on business value and dereference details of underlying network infrastructure.


Platform as a Service (PAAS) is a type of cloud computing that offers a platform and environment for developers to create applications on. One of the benefits of PaaS is that no operations teams are required to monitor infrastructure. The user is primarily concerned with the program itself.

We propose a software development process based on industry best practices and experience. It enables our teams to deliver projects of extraordinary quality.



We help you define your product goals, identify business outcomes, and prioritize a rollout plan of product features that meet the targets.



Our UX/UI design team creates WOW experience. By applying best practices we will attract, engage and retain your users.



Implementing your products on top of a robust architecture with recent technology stack in a cost-effective way.



Hitting tight deadlines are no longer your concern. By introducing automation in software development, results are accurate, consistent and on time.



You launch a modern, custom software application that exceeds your initial vision and business goals.



We're always here to help you. We provide support and development solutions to ensure your business is up and running 24/7.