Graph with interconnected lines and nodes, displaying relationships or patterns

Full Stack Engineer

Design and implement web applications with end to end focus. Have a big picture on front, back and infra. Speak multiple languages. Be passionate and try new things.

  • Strong understanding of Node.js execution environment
  • Expertise in using modern JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Proficiency in HTML and CSS knowledge
  • Experience in modern Frontend development using React, Vue or Angular
  • Experience in designing APIs
  • Experience in designing data models
  • Good communication skills
  • Fluency working with Git version control system
  • Understanding of CI/CD practices in software development
  • Design and implement Frontend/Backend applications
  • Design and implement REST API
  • Select database and model the data
  • Work closely with UX/UI team on business requirements
  • Solve technical challenges and search for optimization
  • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade the software
  • Document work outcome
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