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DevOps Engineer

Combine software development and operations to solve complex challenges. Automate in a smart way to achieve business value. Optimize and improve. Use the right tools for the job.

  • Experience with DevOps practices and culture
  • Good communication skills
  • Deep familiarity with Linux based systems
  • Experience with AWS, Azure, GCP or other cloud providers
  • Experience with SQL, NoSQL databases
  • Experience working with automation tools
  • Experience working with Kubernetes clusters
  • Experience with IaC concept and tools
  • Understanding of containerization
  • Understanding of software development process
  • Understanding of observability concept
  • Fluency working with Git version control system
  • Design and implement reliable and scalable environments
  • Design and implement infrastructure changes
  • Identify weaknesses in architectures
  • Communicate with development teams to solve problem together
  • Apply best practices for CI/CD
  • Solve technical challenges and search for optimization
  • Document work outcome
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